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Seat Belts

Seat belts save lives. Buckle up when you’re behind the wheel.

no texting

No Texting

Texting while drives causes accidents.  Be safe no texting.

safe driving

Safe Driving

Obey all traffic laws.  Stay save while driving and save on car insurance.

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Good Drivers Save on Auto Insurance

We believe that good driving should be rewarded! If you haven’t been in an accident or had a DUI in the last three years, you could qualify for up to a 20% discount!

A good driver with a clean driving record pays $1,674 per year on average for full coverage car insurance, while a driver involved in an at-fault accident pays $2,311. Because car insurance companies value low-risk drivers, it can be beneficial to shop around to ensure you get a good deal on the best car insurance.

Car insurance companies consider a variety of factors that influence your car insurance rates. These can include a driver’s ZIP code, credit score (in most states), vehicle type, and annual mileage. The most important factor, however, may be your driving record, which car insurance companies use to determine your risk level.